Preview Welcome to Due South Designs! We began our company in September 2009. Although children's clothes is the bulk of our business, we have expanded to many more areas. We have something for everyone! We embroider most anything. Most items that we sell we provide the item to embroider, but if you have something specific that you would like personalized, we do that too. If you have a company logo that you would like to have embroidered on anything, printed on a magnet, or printed as vinyl for in or outdoors, we can easily digitize. We hope to add new things as we continue to grow. Stay with us and see what's in store!
Thank you for your business!

Aug 6, 2008

Care Instructions

For clothing:  All of the items we sell are 100% cotton unless otherwise stated.  All clothing are machine washable and dryable, except for those with added satin ribbon accents. The ribbed cotton ribbons seem to do fine in the dryer on low heat.  I don't recommend machine drying for satin ribbon.  You could however use the air fluff setting, if you have one, that doesn't use heat, or just hang to dry.  If you have an item that is attached separately with a safety pin, simply remove it before washing.  If the attached item is stained, I can only suggest handwashing.  If the attached item is totally damaged, just contact me and I can replace it for a minimal cost.  For appliqued designs, I recommend that you machine wash and dry them inside out.  If any puckering of the fabric occurs from drying, simply steam iron flat (no high heat...use delicate setting for silk).  Some items may fray upon washing, adding to the uniqueness of each piece. However, I treat the ends of fabrics and ribbons that tend to fray or look like they may fray, with a fray preventer that is washable, and it usually does the trick.  All appliques and designs are fused with a fusable web that is washable.  It is heat fused on, protecting stitches and preventing the back of the design from being itchy on little tummies.  I fuse some bibs and burpcloths as well, if it is in a place where the web will attach as well as a fabric it will attach to.

For Sippy Cups: Remove inside design and wash all parts before use. Remove both straws from underneath.  Cup is top rack dishwasher safe. Disassemble all parts & remove artwork to preserve 
the card the fabric is sewn to. OR handwash all parts in hot soapy water & rinse thoroughly. To remove insert, squeeze textured grips on colored ring & pull inner cup from outer shell. Upon insertion, push inner cup in until it snaps.

For Travel Mugs: I don't recommend putting these in the dishwasher, in case the heat causes it not to stay completely sealed, however if you want to try it, I would recommend removing the inside design by unscrewing the top and pulling it out.  There is a ring inside the lid that keeps the top sealed preventing moisture from getting inside.  Make sure that does not fall out.  Screw the top back on tightly, without the design and the sip lid (wash it on the top rack, just separated from the mug), and wash it on the TOP RACK ONLY. Once it's finished and completely dried you may reinsert your design.

Feb 19, 2008


This is for the first 200 people who attend the MOPS consignment sale and receive the grab bags this Feb. 26th and 27th 2010Browse through both of our sites! You may enter The Stationery Fairy Here.  As you browse, find items you are fond of and simply leave a comment!  You may enter once here on this site and once on The Stationery Fairy. You have until Wednesday March 3333rd,11 1111:59 pm to do so, entering your name in a drawing for an item of $15 or less, or you may use it as a credit towards something else of your preference.  The winner will be announced on this blog and on The Stationery Fairy on Thursday March 44.  If you see your name, simply email us and we will send you your item!  You may enter on the Due South Designs blog AND the Stationery Fairy blog.  Good Luck!

Rachael and Celeste

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