Preview Welcome to Due South Designs! We began our company in September 2009. Although children's clothes is the bulk of our business, we have expanded to many more areas. We have something for everyone! We embroider most anything. Most items that we sell we provide the item to embroider, but if you have something specific that you would like personalized, we do that too. If you have a company logo that you would like to have embroidered on anything, printed on a magnet, or printed as vinyl for in or outdoors, we can easily digitize. We hope to add new things as we continue to grow. Stay with us and see what's in store!
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Feb 7, 2012

NEW!!! Hooter Hiders and Nursing Covers from Bebe Au Lait!

These are WONDERFUL!!  As a nursing mom myself, I must say that these nursing covers make it much easier to feed your little one when you aren't at home.  They are totally discreet and super stylish.  These make great shower gifts because every new mom who plans to breast feed their baby definitely NEEDS one of these!  They are all $35  The ones I carry are pictured below.  Also, soon to be posted from Bebe AuLait, are bibs called Quibs because they have 2 double sided panels making 4 clean sides. Perfect for when you are out and need a clean bib!






 Chateau Endive

 Chateau Silver

 Mint Chocolate


Feb 6, 2012

Newest Bibs From Bebe au Lait- Introducing the Quib!

Bebe au Lait's totally reversible Quib has a possibility of four clean sides.  Great for stylish kids and their busy parents, it's a mealtime revolution!  These are all $14.00




Other available patterns currently in stock:


Swirls- Girl

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