Preview Welcome to Due South Designs! We began our company in September 2009. Although children's clothes is the bulk of our business, we have expanded to many more areas. We have something for everyone! We embroider most anything. Most items that we sell we provide the item to embroider, but if you have something specific that you would like personalized, we do that too. If you have a company logo that you would like to have embroidered on anything, printed on a magnet, or printed as vinyl for in or outdoors, we can easily digitize. We hope to add new things as we continue to grow. Stay with us and see what's in store!
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Feb 28, 2010

New Pom Pom Shirts

These are just the cutest.  We can use them for whatever, wherever you like and can come up with in your design.  This shirt (due to the time in the pom) is $22

I made the pom on this smaller so the top of this cupcake could be seen, however we also make them so that the pom is the entire top of the cupcake.  These are made so you can detach them easily for the wash. The poms are made in a fine tulle or a thin chiffon. This font is called Sunny. The fabrics are a green seersucker and a pink and white gingham.

Here's an angled view to see how the pom sits up.

Feb 20, 2010

Easter Pails

These are 5 Qt Electric Lime Green Pails.
Great for Easter "Baskets" or for collecting eggs on a hunt.

Please see our link to all our pails for available colors and sizes.  There are many to choose from!

Feb 19, 2010


These are GREAT for carrying treats, gifts or whatever to school in, or perfect as a gift for your childs teacher.  Vinyl letters, monograms and designs can be put on these. A name with colored polka dots or hearts all around it are super cute.  This pail seen above is an extra large 16 qt pail.  The sizes are, 2 qt (6 1/4"x 4 3/4"x 5 3/4"ht), 5 qt (8 1/2" x 7"), 10 qt (11"x 9") and 16 qt (14"x 8").  We have 2 qt and 5 qt pails in stock.  It takes about a week to get other sizes in.  This pail shown is a 16 qt.

The colors for the pails are:

Electric Lime Green
Chocolate Brown
Hunter Green
Glossy Black
Glossy White
Sunshine Yellow
Candy Apple Red (shown)
Plain Galvanized- Silver

Vinyl letters are available in any color or pattern you'd like to have.  Houndstooth letters and polka dot letters are very popular.

 2 Qt Pails are $10.50
5 Qt Pails are $17.50
10 Qt Pails are $21.50
16 Qt Pails are $26.50

Feb 16, 2010


These are sold in sets of two or three only.  Bib and burpcloth or bib, burpcloth and diaper changing pad. The color combos you see below are all we have in stock.  They all have a super soft chenille on the back.  All are monogrammable.  One complete set of three is $30 without monogram and $35 with monogram. A set of just the bib and burpcloth is $25 without monogram and $30 with.
This is the style of the bib available for both boys and girls.  You may see the color options below.

Matching burp cloths

Matching Diaper Changing Pads

Feb 5, 2010

Vinyl Letter Pails!

This is a cherry red 2 Qt Pail.  The font is called Andy Dots. This is $10.50

This is a 5 Qt Cherry Red Pail.  The font is called Andy. This is $17.50

Feb 4, 2010

Little Boy Gift

This is such a great gift for a new born!  

These are the super soft knit cotton bibs and burpcloths.

This applique font is Chunky.  This set with applique is $24

Simple but cute!  This font is called Tails.  This is $16

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