Preview Welcome to Due South Designs! We began our company in September 2009. Although children's clothes is the bulk of our business, we have expanded to many more areas. We have something for everyone! We embroider most anything. Most items that we sell we provide the item to embroider, but if you have something specific that you would like personalized, we do that too. If you have a company logo that you would like to have embroidered on anything, printed on a magnet, or printed as vinyl for in or outdoors, we can easily digitize. We hope to add new things as we continue to grow. Stay with us and see what's in store!
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Jan 4, 2010


We are so excited to tell you that we are now offering vinyl lettering and decals.  These are for indoor or outdoor use.  Many people use them as accent decor in their homes and they are beautiful!  I will post a picture soon of some we've done.  The very popular Stick People collection that you see on every third mom- mobile are also something we now have available.  You simply choose what you want from our catalog; add hats, scarves, pets, etc. to your Stick Family, and we'll let you know what the pricing is.  Prices vary depending on what you want and what size so contact us for a quote!

If you'd like to just have your monogrammed initials or simply one large letter, we can do that too.  Want something on your mailbox?  Personalize your mailbox.  We have black, white all colors and even patterns such as houndstooth available. We can match ANY color or pattern you want.  Want polka dot, houndstooth or plaid letters?  Just tell us what you want and we can make it for you!

We also have metal, powder coated pails that are great for carrying Valentines to school.  These pails are perfect to personalize with vinyl lettering.  These are also very popular for Easter.


  1. Do you have the car window monogram decals

  2. Yes we do! Simply click on the link to the right that says Vinyl. You will see our Stick People catalog that you can choose a family from. OR, if you would simply like a monogram of your initials, all we need from you is the font you would like and what size you would want your decal to be! We can do anything you want. If you don't see it here, we can design something together!


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