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Jan 27, 2009

Applique Only Shirts

This was done on one of our new tshirts for Spring. It is a beautiful Spring Green.  This customer wanted to use it over a turtleneck so that her little girl can wear it into the summer!  Due to the work involved in these, big sister shirts are $23

This shirt is appliques only. It is very cute! Names look great done like this! Each of these letters are 4" each but can be as small as 2". There are several different applique fonts- Curlz, Spunky, Chunky, Vintage, Cheri, GiGi, etc. Just ask about these! Depending on how many letters you want will depend on the size of each letter. For example Jax will be 4"letters each and Jaxson would be 2" each and Brantley- probably around 1.5" each. These shirts are $18 for up to 4 letters, $21 up to 6 letters and $23 for up to 8.

This shirt was done for a boy for Valentines day.  It's not too lovey dovey looking so it is perfect for a boy.  The fabric has all types of vehicles with scattered hearts and stars here and there.  By doing it like this with just the initial, it can be worn for more than just Valentines day!  This applique font is called "Chunky"

These Sibling appliques are our latest in the applique only shirts. Change it up with whatever fabrics you want for different looks.

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