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Jan 18, 2009

Applique FONTS

Polka Dot App (this stitches dots inside the letter)

Chachie App

Boyz R Gross App
(this is also available in regular embroidery font)

This is available with the two type stitching you see.
The left is a vintage stitch and the right is small flowers.

Cheri App

Valentine Cheri Applique Font
This applique font is just like the Cherie font above except that all letters with holes like g's and a's, have a heart instead of what is normally there. 

Bloom Alphabet Font

Diamond Monogram Alphabet Font

Twirl Alphabet Font

Jack N Jill Alphabet Font

Chunky Applique Font

Fun Font
This font has a vintage stitch.  See the large "C" above to view the stitch.

Font A004

Applique Font 038

Font A009

Font A016

Font A019

(These three letters show the three different stitches available with this applique font)

Dotty Applique

Hee Haw
(this font is outlined in satin with a satin rope in the center)

Hee Haw

217 Fantastic Applique Font

213 Scooter Applique Font

This font is available in three stitches.  Lacy, Vintage and Satin.

Curlz Applique Font

Vintage Applique Font

Aiden Font

Here are some examples of Aiden Font

Versatile Alphabet
(available in satin stitch and zigzag)


Varsity Alphabet

Sorority Alphabet

Football Alphabet

Cowboy Hat Alphabet

 Dinosaur Alpha

This is the Party Hat Applique "font"  it comes in letters 0-9.  The fabric and color is whatever you choose it to be.

Letter Party Hat Applique

Acorn Alphabet

Leaf Alphabet

Pumpkin Alphabet

Shabby Pumpkin Alphabet

Pilgrim Hat Alphabet

Boo Alphabet

Spooky Alphabet

Santa Hat Alphabet

It can also be used without the hat for year round purposes.

Santa Hat Alphabet

Christmas Tree Alphabet

Christmas Tree Alphabet

Northpole Alphabet

Reindeer Face Alphabet


Reverse Circle Applique Font

Reverse Curlz Applique Font

Reverse Curlz Applique Font

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