Preview Welcome to Due South Designs! We began our company in September 2009. Although children's clothes is the bulk of our business, we have expanded to many more areas. We have something for everyone! We embroider most anything. Most items that we sell we provide the item to embroider, but if you have something specific that you would like personalized, we do that too. If you have a company logo that you would like to have embroidered on anything, printed on a magnet, or printed as vinyl for in or outdoors, we can easily digitize. We hope to add new things as we continue to grow. Stay with us and see what's in store!
Thank you for your business!

Jan 27, 2009


Currently the way it works is, you send an email to, telling us exactly what you need. Go through the fabrics, fonts and appliques (see the buttons on the right) and see what works with what you want do to. There are many different creations to see and get ideas from (see the applique designs label) and see the different fonts to choose from (see the fonts label). We have many clothing items in stock to choose from and if there is something you don't see, just ask and we may be able to get it for you.  Once we have exactly what you want, we will send you a confirmation email.  Next you will receive an invoice that we send via paypal.  You don't have to be a paypal member in order to use paypal.  Simply click on the link in the email you receive and it will walk you through steps of payment. Once your payment is received, we will begin working on your order depending on how many orders are ahead of yours.  We do ask that you allow 2-3 weeks for delivery since these are custom made items. This may vary some in different busy seasons, however most people receive their orders in 7-10 days or less.  If you have an item that needs to be rushed, it is $10 extra for my time plus whatever extra has to be paid for shipping depending on the need of the rush.

Due to the nature of each design being catered to the individual customer, designs may be slightly different upon creation, but for the most part you will get what you see on the site.  Most fabrics that I have in stock are easily refillable when they run out, but there is a chance that a design is discontinued by the manufacturer.  I will work with you to find something as close to it as possible.  If you choose a fabric that I do not have in stock and has to be special ordered, I will shoulder the bulk of the cost if it is something I may use again.  If it is not something I would use again, the cost of the fabric will be added to your price.  Fabric usually takes only a couple days to arrive and does not add much time to the order.  I will tell you upon your order an approximate date for shipping.

We look forward to creating something you love!

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